Should your business require any of the following, we operate a rapid service and will discuss each of your needs in more detail when you contact us:

Each one of our services is designed to fit with your individual requirements and our engineers / technicians adhere to strict health and safety regulations as expected.

We understand and take our Health and Safely responsibility seriously to ensure a safe working environment at all times, keeping our workforce and our work colleagues safe.

Maintenance support gives you the opportunity to acquire skilled Rotating Technicians who can take care of your processes. We will produce unique solutions that will take your project from the start through its execution.

Our site maintenance offers complete support. With skilled technicians you will benefit from a flexible service that helps to repair and maintain rotating equipment, fixed equipment, electrical and instruments. We also provide general property maintenance.

Shaft alignment can be a complex process but our technicians are time served and HNC qualified, what this means for you is that any incorrectly aligned equipment can be serviced to reduce the risk of failure relating to bearings or seals

We have specialist rotating equipment planners who can put into place shutdown processes and can turnaround maintenance and services activities that we are tasked with on site. Any equipment or parts required for our maintenance work that we do not hold in stock will be acquired as part of the planning process to ensure minimal disruption keeping downtimes to a minimum.

Condition monitoring is essential in reducing the risk of failure in your rotating machinery. Our technicians will analyse oil and vibration and will run the appropriate programmes and operate basic care so that your equipment is well maintained.

We also have flexible pump repair packages as well as machining and fabrication support.

To discuss any of our services in more detail please call us directly. You can of course visit our separate service pages for further information.